Welcome to Oran Mor Counselling Scotland

What is Counselling?

Counselling is:

  1. Being able to talk in a safe place to someone with time to hear you;
  2. Being with someone who can listen to you express the feelings which may make you distressed, anxious, unhappy or angry;
  3. Helping you to make any changes you believe you should make;
  4. About helping you to feel as well as you can feel;
  5. It is about you.

Counselling is NOT:

  1. Being judged for something;
  2. About providing instant solutions (though it might help you to come to your decision);
  3. Concerned with anything other than the problems you are having.

How Do You Know If You Need Counselling?

Some of the things which might make you consider being in touch with a counsellor are:

  • Your doctor or nurse may have recommeded it;
  • Distressing thoughts which you can’t get rid of may be whirling around in your head;
  • You can’t stop crying;
  • You need someone to talk to in confidence;
  • You may feel “down” and low;
  • Or any other feeling which is making you uneasy

If this describes you, why not contact me here at Oran Mor Counselling Scotland and I will be in touch?