My First Blog Post

Posted on July 9, 2015

It is not easy writing a first blog. I racked my brains wondering “what am I doing?” and then Googled “Blog”. There it was – an inspiring article entitled “why I Blog”. It told the history of blogging and the author’s own experience. It has given me inspiration – so here it is, my first blog.

I shall try to write about those things which interest me. As I have nearly a decade and a half of experience in face to face counselling and gaining telephone counselling experience, it is time I started training to offer online counselling experience as well – which is why I am blogging!

So, after I have sorted out a training course, I shall let you know about my experiences with that and my thoughts.

In the interim I am reading Ian McEwan’s novel “The Children Act”. Brilliant picture of a woman with a job which can alter the lives of families whilst balancing her own relationship with her husband.

The stresses of her demanding job have caused her a great deal of soul searching an made her question her feelings. Add to this her own dwindling sense of self esteem as she considers the aging process in her own body.

A must read for any woman who is passing through middle age as well as a must read for all who work with children and have a duty of care and candour – set text for counselling courses? Watch this space…