Pet Bereavement

Posted on July 9, 2015

Animal clips, especially those of young animals, have an international following on You Tube. Their antics attract enormous followings because people who have pets can relate to them.

There hasn’t been a time when we have not had an animal in our lives. Cats, dogs, hamsters, mice – goldfish – living in a family with children we have ¬†had plenty of furry, friends around us. They have enriched our lives with their charming friendship and unconditional regard. We have fed them, nursed them, cuddled them, walked them, enjoyed their antics. Pets such as ours can give people so much companionship, pleasure and unconditional regard that they become part of the family and the death of one can cause real grief – sometimes a lasting grief.

It is no woner that when the death of Zimbabwe’s national pet, Cecil, was made known on social media it caused a world wide form of collective grief and, in some cases, anger about the manner of it.

If anyone loses a pet and finds it difficult to cope with the grief then the Pet Bereavement Support Service  may be able to help with literature which can be down-loaded, or their support line on 0800 096 6606 (UK only including Northern Ireland), or email